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Thinking about re-roofing? Unsure whether this is the right decision or not for your home? Re-roofing can be a great idea and an effective and affordable way to fix an existing roof. Re-roofing is the process of putting a new roof layer over an already existing layer. This actually can strengthen your roof and keep leaks and other issues from damaging the inside of your home, and of course further damaging your original roof.

When you re-roof your home, the roof should last just as long and look just as great as a new roof. This works out wonderfully for many homeowners since this can be a very affordable process. Some homeowners prefer this method over replacing their entire roof because of not only the price, but of the process and durability a re-roof creates.

However, re-roofing is not for everyone. It’s important to contact professional roofing contractors like A.J. Roofing & Construction to see if your home is a candidate for re-roofing. Some counties and states don’t allow homeowners to re-roof their properties, while some roofs can actually be beyond help and require an actual brand-new roof to function properly.

Most, if not all, homes are only allowed to have two layers of roofing on their property. So if your home has already had a re-roof job performed, it’s safe to say that you can’t do this process again. Your only alternatives are to replace your roof or roof repair in UNIVERSITY PARK, TX  what can and needs to be fixed.

A lot of homeowners also take the route of re-roofing not only because it costs less, but because it is less time consuming and causes less hassles. Tearing off shingles from your old roof only to replace them with a new roof can take a good amount of time, and for some homeowners, time is something they don’t have. Having home projects in or outside your home going on can be quite distracting. Especially if you have pets, children, or take care of elderly or disabled family members. Noise, tools and debris can be a hassle to come home to everyday and see before you go to work. That’s why some homeowners who are in need of fixing their roof opt for the shorter and less expensive way to fix their property.

With over 35 years of collective roofing experience serving the Carrollton area, A.J. Roofing & Construction can help you make the decision whether to re-roof your house, repair your roof or replace your entire roof. We are licensed and ensured and only work with technicians who are fully and professionally trained, so you know your home will always be in good hands.

You can call us now to set up an appointment at (972) 521-7149. You can also visit us at 3411 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas 75034. A.J. Roofing & Construction is committed to helping the Carrollton, Texas community with all their re-roofing needs.

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