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Have you been thinking about installing a new roof? Have you decided that your current roof isn’t working as it should or is too damaged to perform correctly? Do you need to call in Plano, Texas roofing contractors? Well the good news is that you can replace your roof all year long. As long as you can find reputable roofing contractors to get the job done, you’ll be able to get a new roof. However, there is a season that is best for replacing roofs and that season is not summer.    

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Fall is the perfect season to replace your roof, doors, windows and to complete any home projects. Summer and spring can take a toll on roofs, but winter is by far the worst season for roofs. Which means, if you believe your roof needs to be replaced or even fixed be sure to have it completed before the winter. During the winter it’s harder for roofs to be replaced due to the weather. Rain, snow and cold weather are to be expected in the winter and can affect installation dates. If a job is started but needs to be postponed due to a major snowstorm, it can cause damage to the roof that hasn’t been finished and could cause a leak in your roof.   

Summer and spring are great seasons to install a new roof but they also come with weather issues as well. For one, during spring it can rain for weeks on end and if your roof is not completed or needs to be finished having water drenching an unfinished roof isn’t ideal. It also rains in the summer and can get very hot during the summer, which means if the air quality gets bad or the weather is too hot or humid your roof replacement might have to be halted. Stopping the project can significantly delay it and leave you with a half-replaced roof for the duration of the summer. No homeowner wants that. However, if you can help when your roof is replaced wouldn’t you rather schedule it for a season that you know it can be fully completed in one shot without any looming weather issues hanging over head?  

If you find the right Plano, Texas roofing contractors you won’t have to worry about having a half-installed home, however, no matter how good the roofing contractors are that you choose, they aren’t able to control the weather, only the outcome of the installation. If you choose to have your home projects completed in the fall, you’ll have a little more peace of mind knowing that it’s the best season for installations.   

If you need help installing your roof or have any questions about the installation process, call A.J. Roofing & Construction today. We’re here to help. Contact us at (972) 521-7149 or call our Carrollton location at (972) 446-5959. You can also stop by our showroom located at 3411 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas 75034. Let A.J. Roofing & Construction show you why we’re the best choice when it comes to Plano, Texas roofing contractors.  

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