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Metal Roofing

If your metal roof is damaged or needs to be replaced, A.J. Roofing can help. Our professionals have installed and repaired metal roofs all over Texas, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free roof inspection.


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Finding The Right Metal Roofing Contractors

Many homeowners and business owners use metal roofing to protect their investments because it’s affordable and incredibly durable. It’s come a long way in recent years – you can find metal shingles that look like slate or clay tiles, metal shake roofing, vertical metal roof panels and more for your home, or choose corrugated roofing for your commercial building.

If you’re exploring whether metal roofing is the right choice for you, A.J. Roofing & Construction is the best company to call. Our metal roofing contractors have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you make the right decision – and to install or repair your metal roof.

Benefits to Metal Roofing include:

Metal roofing can last as long as your building does. Many manufacturers offer warranties for up to 50 years, which means the roof materials are engineered to withstand water, hail & storm damage, and normal wear-and-tear for decades. These materials are very lightweight and generally easy for experienced metal roofing contractors to install, which means you’ll usually save money on labor.

Fire-Resistance: Metal roofs are noncombustible, so they typically have a Class A fire rating (unless they’re installed over a combustible material).

Heat Reflection: Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, which can save you money on cooling costs. Your roof installers may also be able to create a dead-air space between the roofing materials and the roof deck to boost your home’s energy efficiency, too.

Rain, Snow and Water Resistance: Metal roofing typically comes with interlocking panels that seal out rain, snow and water – and dark metal roofs can warm quickly during the winter, which melts snow faster.

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Four Most Common Types Of Roofing


Aluminum is the most basic type of metal roof material. It’s resistant to corrosion and typically very strong. However, it’s not the ideal choice for areas that have high winds, hail or tough environmental conditions.


For centuries, copper roofing has been used all over the world. These roofs are completely recyclable, but they’re a soft metal – so although they minimize noise, they’re more susceptible to hail damage and storm damage.


An alloy made from iron and other elements, steel is one of the most common types of roofing materials on commercial structures. It’s available in several varieties, including galvanized, galvalume, & weathering steel.


Zinc is an incredibly durable and it uses its patina to heal scratches over time, and can last upwards of a century. It’s ideal for commercial buildings, but requires cleaning and maintenance because it “chalks” over time.

Metal Roofing Methods

Metal Roof Panels

Metal roof panels are available in several materials, from steel to aluminum. Generally, these types of roofs interlock to seal out moisture and protect a home or business.

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing, which is commonly seen on commercial buildings, is durable and lightweight. It’s typically available in copper, aluminum and stainless steel, and it can be a cost-effective method.

Tin Roofing

The term Tin Roofing is a misnomer. Tin isn’t actually used in roofing – but the name stuck from the 1800s, when homesteaders hammered down canning materials to replace damaged, broken or worn shingles. When you hear someone talk about a tin roof, they’re really referring to one made from aluminum, copper, steel or zinc.