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Storm and Hail Damage Can Cause Serious Issues


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Severe storms and hail can cause serious damage to your roof, but you typically can’t see the damage from the ground. 

When your home has been through a big storm, or if you suspect your roof has been damaged by strong winds and hail, call A.J. Roofing & Construction to get a free roof inspection

We inspect your roof and surrounding areas like gutters and fences to determine whether there are any issues you need to fix right away to prevent further damage.

Roof Repair for Storm and Hail Damage

A.J. Roofing & Construction is your Platinum Preferred Best Roofer for storm and hail damage roof repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Our experienced, trained team of professionals can identify the signs of storm damage, and we can repair any issues before they become bigger problems.

If you delay repairing hail and storm damage, you could be compromising your roof’s integrity. Small leaks can become big leaks, which can seep into the roof deck or worse, into your home. Usually, storm and hail damage roof repair is pretty straightforward; we’ll identify the issues and let you know what we need to do to fix them. Ignoring the damage can be a huge mistake – it can result in you needing a complete roof replacement, which is more expensive than making repairs.

Pro tip: Inspecting your own roof can lead to a fall, especially if it’s wet or icy, or if it has a steep pitch. Most people should leave roof inspections, and the risk,  to the professionals.


How Can You Tell if Your Roof Has Storm Or Hail Damage?

Dented gutters, gutter screens or downspouts

Damage to siding and windowsills

Damage to air conditioners and other outdoor components

Missing or broken shingles (you may even see shingles in your yard)

If you spot damage in any of those places, there’s a good chance your roof took a few hits, as well. In that case, it’s best to call out a roofing contractor to examine the roof.


Worried About Hail or Storm Damage?

What to Expect During a Hail and Storm Damage Roof Inspection

Schedule your free roof inspection with A.J. Roofing & Construction. We’ll visit your home for a consultation with one of our team members.

Our professional roofers will survey your roof and surrounding areas, checking for damage from storms and hail as well as wear-and-tear and other signs of damage.

We’ll document and take pictures of any damage we discover, and review what we find with you during your consultation. We’ll also explain your options for fixing the issues and let you know what needs to be repaired immediately, and what can wait. We’ll prepare a written repair estimate, so you can make the best possible decision.