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Many contractors agree that the two most important parts of a high-quality building are the roof and the foundation. Does your home or office have a durable, strong roof to protect the rest of the building? If the roof is weak and there are spots that need to be repaired, then it is possible that the building might be damaged by water or inclement weather.

Anytime you suspect that there might be a problem with your roof, it is important that you take action right away and start looking for trusted Highland Park, TX roofing contractors.

A.J. Roofing & Construction is dedicated to your satisfaction, and our qualified team will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the roofing services that you receive from our company. Whether you need help with commercial or residential roofing, we can help! It doesn’t matter if you need a small repair or if it is time to replace the entire roof, because we have experience with all types of roofing services.

Looking for Highland Park, TX Roofing Contractors

The first step is to find a high quality roofing contractor. You need to be sure that you are working with a company that you can trust, because the project requires attention to detail. Having a good roof on the building will protect your home, and at the same time protect your family inside.

Most people turn to the internet to search for contractors, and you can find quite a bit of valuable information online. Look through the search results to identify a few roofing contractors in Highland Park, Texas that you are interested in working with. Then, reach out to those contractors to talk with them about the services and options that are offered.

By talking with a few different companies, you can receive a few proposals for the project. These proposals can be compared side-by-side, helping you to find the best value for the money that you will be spending. In most cases, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to choose the cheapest proposal that you receive, because it is possible that you might be receiving sub-par services. Or, sometimes contractors withhold some of the fees and charges from the initial proposal and then add those things in later. So, make sure that you have details about everything that is included in the project, so that you have a clear understanding about what the proposal covers.

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Roofing Services that are Available

At A.J. Roofing & Construction, we offer a variety of services to help with both residential and commercial properties. We want to always provide the best service that is available, and these are some of the options that you can choose from:

  • Re-Roofing: If your home or office is an older building, then it might be time to replace the roof! These re-roofing services can be used to get rid of the old shingles, repair the problems, and completely replace the roof with a new, upgraded version. Re-roofing is beneficial to reduce ongoing maintenance projects and protect the quality of your home at the same time.
  • Repairs: Have you noticed that there are a few small problems on your roof? Sometimes, a few basic repairs are the best way to keep your roof in working order. These repairs will be catered to your individual needs, and might include things such as fixing damage from natural disasters, patching holes, or strengthening the roof to avoid problems in the future.
  • Check-Up: Even if your roof seems to be in good condition, it is still beneficial to have roofing contractors inspect the building for potential problems that might be occurring. By catching the issues when they are small, repairs can be used to avoid other problems that could have developed.
  • New Construction: A high quality roof is an essential part of every new construction project. Let A.J. Roofing & Construction help with your new construction, to ensure the durability of your new home or office.

Question to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Before you rush into the decision of which roofing contractor you should hire, you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions. A few phone calls can go a long way to help you decide if you are choosing the right company to work with.

Start by asking about certifications and insurance coverage. If the roofing contractor doesn’t have liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance, then it is a good sign that you shouldn’t be hiring that company! These insurance policies keep you protected, helping you to avoid potential financial burdens that might pop up if an accident happens.

Also, find out about the experience and qualifications of the company. Hiring a company that has a lot of experience in the industry will give you the peace of mind to know that your home or office is in good hands.

For more information, contact A.J. Roofing & Construction. We will gladly answer your questions and help you choose the right roofing services for your home or office.